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E-Rider Personal Transporter

Spymaster, London’s leading and most highly regarded supplier of spy equipment, is delighted to announce the launch of the latest and most innovative personal transporter – the E-Rider.


The E-Rider’s intuitive self-balancing technology, expertly responds to your body movements. It’s perfect for the daily commuter; day’s out with family and friends or getting around wide-open spaces, like ports and marinas.  It’s multi-functional and LOTS of fun!


Spymaster is the only official UK Distributor for E-Rider Personal Transporter

But what makes the E-Rider different to other personal transporters?

Being a third of the weight and half the size of the Segway, the E-Rider is lightweight and portable. The steering column easily detaches from the driving platform and the rubber handle makes carrying the E-Rider a breeze.


One of the many exciting design features is syncing your E-Rider to your Smartphone through an app. This allows the user to operate different modes, like independently driving the vehicle without having to be on it! The E-Rider can reach a speed of 15km and hour and reach a maximum climbing angle of 15. It only weighs 15kg and takes three to five hours to fully charge – so charging overnight is more than ample time. 

The E-Board

The E-BOARD is the most popular self-balancing board on the market. It is the most talked about, high-tech electric board, used in music videos, television shows, social media; everyone has one and everyone wants one.


The board’s design is based on dynamic balance principle which controls forward, backward, and stop. Easy operation, flexible control, low carbon, green environmental friendly and suitable for smooth surfaces are some of E-BOARD’s advantages.


Colours available: Red, black, white, yellow, orange and matt black, matt blue.


Now fully approved for sale within the EU. 


Please enquire within Spymaster Headquarters on 0044 207 486 3885 or enquiries@spymaster.co.uk



The E-Scooter

This eco-friendly E-Scooter has been added to our E-Collection because it is a fun, must have product. Even the Spymaster team own one to commute to work.

It features two different rides both reaching the same speed; one is an easy smooth ride and the other reaches top speed very quickly, just like a turbo engine!

It is designed for a comfortable drive having a long wheel base for stability with rubberised footrests, front and back suspension, a standard tyre that can be pumped up with a bicycle pump and a drum brake on the back wheel.

It also features a LCD display screen showing speed, battery charge, distance covered, cruise control and the current mode it is in.

It travels up to a maximum speed of 25km/per and covers a distance of up to 25km on a full charge. It takes 6 hours to fully charge.

It folds in two easy clicks and is also waterproof, in other words it can be ridden in the rain and also withstands shallow puddles. Tried and tested by our team.

Available in two colours – White and Black.

The E-Bike

Our third and latest addition to Spymaster's E-Collection is the E-BIKE.
It is a new means of transport and ideal for travelling and commuting short distances.


This is the world's first high-tech portable and foldable electric bike. It takes seconds to fold up and equally to collapse into a standing position. It fits into any boot of a car ready to use.


This electric scooter is made of aluminium and weighs 30kg. It has a white head light and red braking light and includes a front and rear braking system. It accelerates up to 25km/hr and is capable of covering a distance of up to 25km on a full charge with its built-in Li-ion battery and 350w engine.

Spymaster's E-Bike is available in Black or White.


The SpyRider

This futuristic personal transporter is used by overseas Police Departments, security companies and individuals who need a fast and efficient way to move around.

The Spyrider is a robotic, gyroscopic self-stabilising 2 x wheeled transportation system. You control the speed and direction by moving your body; by holding onto the handles and leaning forward the Spyrider will move forward, the more you lean forward the faster the unit will go, lean back to slow down and to move backwards, turn the steering handles to move left or right.

The Spyrider offers both a standing and sitting position for comfort.

A powerful headlight, brake light and horn makes sure you are seen and heard at all times.

This is perfect for security teams, police departments, customs, airports, stations, docks, large venues, stadiums, conference centres, tourist attractions, golf courses etc. 

The Spyrider is on display and for sale at Spymaster Headquarters on Portman Square as well as Spymaster concessions in Selfridges and Harrods.

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The E-Collection from Spymaster
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