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Spymaster - London's Leading Spy Shop

Luminox Watches

The World's most innovative self illuminating military watches

Here at Spymaster every product range we stock has to offer something innovative to our customers and Luminox watches are no exception.  Luminox was founded in 1989 and is famous for manufacturing timepieces for a number of military groups including the US Coast Guard, US Airforce, the Navy SEALs and the Canadian Special Forces.

The most innovative feature of all the Luminox these watches is their unique illumination qualities.

Every Luminox watch is fitted with self-powered micro gas lights which are installed into the hand and hour markers (and even into the bezels in some models).  These “borosilicate glass capsules” need no external light source to charge them up so they glow continuously as these actually are a light source themselves.  This means the watch will ALWAYS be visible in the dark, without the need to push a button and even after having been in total darkness for days or even weeks.

At Spymaster we always have a large supply of the Luminox watches in stock and we can get hold of any special order models within a week.

Our customers love these watches; as well as being reliable and stylish, they are particularly suitable for people involved in security, surveillance or covert operations.  They are easy to read in complete darkness, without the need to push a button to illuminate them.  They are also incredibly rugged and hard wearing too.

It goes without saying that the Luminox watch range is water resistant, shock proof and they are all fitted with a high quality Swiss made quartz movement.  Each Luminox also comes with a 2 year warranty.


If there is a particular model of Luminox watch you are after, then please give us a call on 020 7486 3885 and we will ensure we have on here for you to try on when you come in.

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