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Spymaster - London's Leading Spy Shop


When Spymaster first starting selling electric powered transporters, like the E-Rider, over two years ago we wrote to the Mayor of London’s office and asked Mr Johnson to look at the fact that using these both on and off the pavement was illegal.

We received a reply directing us to Transport For London to take this matter further.  TFL wrote to us stating that they were in contravention of the Highways Act of 1835 – yes that is correct 1835 and that this was the end of the matter.


Well it may have taken two years but it is nice to see that someone in office is finally in agreement that adhering to some laws 180 years after they were written is ‘hogwash’.  Now maybe with Boris Johnson and TFL in agreement that lets hope that it does not take too long for them to allow such modes of transport and, let’s face it, massively fun ones at that.

As Boris so eloquently put it himself ‘if the oldsters can charge towards you on their terrifying chariots, the youngsters should be able to waft on their boards.  Its intergenerational fairness’.


Now of course when Mr Johnson wrote about his in his weekly article in the Daily Telegraph and he called them liberating (which they most definitely are) this was picked up by the worlds press. When the BBC needed an expert to come and discuss this issue, of course they went to the company that has been selling them for the longest and sells the original and most reliable of them all SPYMASTER.  To see our director’s interview with the BBC News please see the video below


We have the largest selection of e-boards, hover-boards, swegways, flyboards, etc in our e-collection as many other electric modes of transport.



Due to the high level of expertiese and experience that Spymaster has and our renowned reputation within the surveillance and personal protection industry, media organisations often approach us for advice and comment.


This can be for a number of reasons including


  • Comment on technical innovations in the marketplace
  • Product supply/advice for staff visiting dangerous regions
  • Comment on surveillance and spying related news stories
  • Comment on personal safety/protection for consumers
  • Product launches for innovative "tech" products
  • Film launch photo shoots (James Bond etc)


If these areas are of interest to you, then please call and talk to us about the faililities we have available to assist you. 



The Financial Times - How To Spend It

Journalist and presenter Jonathan Margolis pays Spymaster a visit to get himself kitted out with some spy equipment on behalf of the FT's How To Spend It team.  Julia, one of our resident Bond Girls, demonstrates some innovative items including covert cameras, listening devices and voice changers. Press play below to find out what they got up to.

CBC Canada - Is It a Rock? Is It a Spy?

No, its "Spy Rock"!  The amazing story of the rock that Russia have discovered spying on them, transmitting secret information to passing UK agents in the heart of Moscow.  Find out what CBC Canada, former Prime Minister, Tony Blair and Lee Marks of Spymaster make of this unusual discovery by wathcing the recent news report below.

Made In Chelsea - Featuring Spymaster

Watch the video below to see what the Channel 4 "Made In Chelsea" boys got up to in the Portman Square Spymaster spy shop in November 2011 whilst filming a scene for an episode during the build up to the series 2 climax.  Get in touch if you are interested in filming with us.

The Independent Newspaper

Here, David Phelan, technology writer for The Independent Newspaper selelcts some of the top spy gear, reviewing items including shark repellend, personal submarines and night-vision equipment.


Read more here.

Sunday Express Magazine

The Sunday Express magazine takes a look at spy equipment from a female perspective.  It shows some of the items a lady may require in order to give her the upper hand in her high profile life.  This includes voice changers, bug detectors and see behind glasses - all of which are available from Spymasters stores.


Read more here...

Sky News Television

A Spymaster security consultant appears on Sky News to be interviewed regarding bugging of corporate offices during a high profile incident.

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