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Back by popular demand and in time for the Spring and Summer months is Spymaster's Hovercraft. We offer adult and children crafts. 


Traveling effortlessly over land, water, sand, ice or snow, Spymaster's Adult Hovercraft comes with a powerful 50BHP four stroke engine allowing you to travel at speeds of up to 45 mph whilst being economical to run and with low noise levels. 


The children's version is a big kid's toy. At just 2 metres long, it is a fully functioning hovercraft flying approximately 6 inches off the ground. It can travel over any surface including short grass, mud, sand, ice, snow and even deep puddles.The fibreglass hull is beautifully finished in one of four pearlescent colours to a very high standard. Pushing the hovercraft along at speeds up to 20mph is a four stroke ‘Villiers’ engine which also provides the lift using a clever air-splitter system. A single engine means it’s very easy to drive but provides great performance for more experienced drivers.

Summer's new accessory is here - The E-Kart

A go-cart with a comfy padded seat and two lever controls strap securely onto an e-board and away you fly. This popular cart is suitable for all ages, it’s easy to assemble and simple to manoeuvre. 


Perfect for the sunny summer months.


   #hoverboards are back on sale

The Spymaster E-board has been fully tested by SGS which is a fully recognised test house and a world leader in safety issues, and the reports and certificates have all been inspected, verified and passed by Trading Standards.


We know that our E-board is not as cheap as some on the market and there is a reason for this. None of our customers want to risk setting their house on fire whilst their Swegway or Hoverboard is charging overnight. None of our customers want to risk their children using a Swegway or Hoverboard that can explode whilst in use. The E-board is a fabulous product and it is completely safe.


We have E-boards in stock now in a variety of colours. This is a product loved by children, teenagers and adults alike and now you can buy one knowing that you have the best, and safest, on the market.



The Press Body Armour that we are offering in this package is of the highest protection available.

It has been approved and tested by NIJ recognised US test laboratories with test certificates available.


Sizes are in stock from Small through to 4XL available at our London store


The package includes:

1 x Level IIIA overt jacket with reflective 'Press' badges at the back and front, neck and groin protection.

2 x Level III Ceramic plates

1 x Level IIIA Ballistic helmet


Now offered at £750.00 + VAT


Call us on 0207 486 3885 or email enquiries@spymaster.co.uk for more information.


Exclusive only at Spymaster - The Dune-Master

Introducing the Dunemaster under the Spymaster exclusivity. A remarkable off-road buggy with a 150cc engine ideal for going round tracks, down dirt tracks and suitable for young teens and adults.


Contact us at Spymaster Headquarters for more info


Spymaster's Real Life Sherlock Holmes

BBC Business reporter Elizabeth Hotson visited Spymaster Headquarters on her way from 221B Baker Street just days before the new Sherlock New Year's Day Special one-off episode "The Abominable Bride" was on our screens. 

She was on the hunt to find out what makes a private detective. This article shows her findings.

Bang & Olufsen Bond Event

Amidst the hype of Spectre and who will be the next James Bond, we at Spymaster were invited to a Bond Night by B&O. Naturally Spymaster being “the place where Bond shops” could not decline.


Armed with the mini sub, covert cameras and two limited edition gold E-boards off we went.

We had our own Bond, James Bond, in the form of Spymaster's sales & technical man Joao Pauperio, Spymaster’s main Bond girl and director Julia Wing, and our two Bond girls Nuzhat and Safia for Bond never just had the one girl.


It was a night of martinis, music, James Bond themes and traits and of course gadgets. The Austin Martin that featured in Spectre was there, so were Bond's Omega watches, Dr No's chair plus all the great sound and vision brought by B&O themselves. It was a night we at Spymaster will not forget. 

The new celebrity craze... The E-Board: Part Segway / Part Skateboard

NOW FULLY APPROVED FOR SALE WITHIN THE EU - In light of recent press releases we would like to reassure all our customers that all our current stock of E-boards have been inspected and safety approved. Our units all have CE Safety Certificates; this is the reason why we do not try and compete with cheaper units as they have no safety certification. We were recently interviewed by ITV news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4VWqROFrb4

The E-board was launched in December here at Spymaster. Since then it has been such a successful product that we have sold over 500 units in the space of 6 months!


“Even my mom wanted one!” wrote Swizz Beatz on Instagram after he visited our store. He posted up a picture on his Instagram of his mum and kids trying out the E-board. 

The E-board can hold anyone up to the weight of 100kg, travel up to 10km/ph and can travel up to 19km on a single charge! It is so easy to use I have had 5 year olds up till 75 year olds using it with such confidence.


Kendall Jenner posted a video on Instagram showing her whizzing around her apartment so effortlessly before getting too confident and slipping off!

Justin Bieber can be seen whizzing around his private jet on the E-board showing just how easy and manovarble the E-board can really be.


Bieber is not the only celebrity using the E-board, recent Chris Brown has been putting up videos on his Instagram showing his amazing dance move whilst using an E-Board!!

Click here to watch the video: http://bit.ly/1dmpyTm 


Panic Rooms


It is bedtime, Nessa Stein, the Israeli business woman played by Maggie Gyllenhaal in BBC 2’s political thriller The Honorable Woman, walks past her flawless bedroom with its immaculately made bed and plumped up pillows. She walks past her 1920s dressing table in her silk night slip, swipes her fingers on a monitor that makes a false wall open up. It reveals an artificially lit white space, where she curls up single bunk bed. This is her panic room.


This strange bulletproof cube may seem fictional yet enquiries for these so called safe-rooms are soaring in the capital from super-rich banking families, stalker-scared celebrities and cash-hoarding foreigners who want an anti-ballistic space to call their own.


You should never hear anyone mention their panic room as that is the first rule of panic rooms. No one talks about panic rooms. However it has been mentioned that one London agent claims nearly every single one of the capital’s mega homes. The ones five times larger than the average Zoopla listing, found around Hampstead’s The Bishops Avenue and Belgravia’s Eaton Square, hides a panic room within its four walls. Despite the average safe room starting at £60,000 and costing as much as £2 million, as the agent puts it: “That’s a lot of money for you or me, but if you are spending £15 million building a house, it’s not.”


Panic rooms are hidden behind standard looking doors or bookshelves. They are not shown on the new house tour. It does not appear in your house particulars. You do not let slip at a dinner party or talk about it on the golf course. One foreign tycoon living in London breaks his own decree by whispering he has had one installed. “It’s not like the basement swimming pool or the retractable roof tennis court. Its low key, it’s there for security.”


Here at Spymaster we are able to offer our clients an estimate to measure up for safe rooms within residential homes. We can also quote for bulletproof windows and doors. Discreet quotations can be requested.


The latest in personal transporters has landed at Spymaster - the EBOARD.


It is a self balancing electric board on two wheels. Weighing just at 10kg, the EBOARD uses a mat sensor to move forward, backwards and to stop. It is easy to use and maneuver by slightly tilting forward to move forward, tilt slightly backwards to go back, tilt to the left or right to go around. 


The maximum speed the EBOARD reaches is 10km/hr and covers a range of up to 20km. It comes in a variety of colours: black,red, white, blue and matt black.



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