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At the CIA, operatives, analysts and new recruits are the only beings authorised to look at the spy equipment of years past, including hidden cameras, hollow coins and a two-man submersible.


We have looked at some of the most Bond-worthy gadgets, old and new.

Old: Microdot Camera

This tiny camera was used by cold war spies to photograph entire pages of documents.

New: Iphone Case Camera An Iphone cover with a pinhole camera that takes High Defination photgraphs and audio videos discreetly.

Old: Pigeon Camera

The small, lightweight camera was carried by a pigeon. The birds could capture photos of a target from only a few hundred feet away.

New: Drone with Gimball and Go Pro

One of the most popular pieces of equipment featuring precision, high stability, lightweight, plug and play and automatic navigation back home.

Old: Semi-Submersible

It was designed by the CIA to approach areas ship could not venture through. It was untracable by sonar or radar.

New: Orcasub

A two man submersible used in daily commercial and scientific missions. It has an unequalled track record for operating efficiently and safely in the most demanding marine environments.



Dronestagram - Dronies - Drones

Dronies, Dronestagram, Drones


It seemed a stunt when, last year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mooted that the company could use drones to deliver orders. Actually he wasn’t joking. The company now claims to have a Prime Air drone ready to fly, and is optimistic it will be able to persuade the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to legalise its use by 2015.


Elsewhere Google and Facebook have spent hundreds of millions of Pounds acquiring drone-developing companies. The social media site Dronestagram caters to a world of hobbyist drone photographers and there’s  a  current craze for taking drone selfies, known as “Dronies”. Remote controlled drones are also being used by estate agents to value houses more accurately and by farmers to improve crop yields by distributing pesticides more effectively. The BBC is setting up a drone unit: branded Fendi drones flew over the catwalk to live-stream it’s   A/W 2014 show in Milan; and Francesco’s in Mumbai has clocked an e-commerce first by delivering a pizza Margerita by drone.


Apart from these commercial uses the real action at the moment is people buying drones just for fun. The fact that many of the more sophisticated units are so easy to fly, so fast and so manouverable means that users don’t need hours of practise before flying the drone like an experts. It also means that there are fewer expensive crashes leaving the item out of action for weeks while you get it fixed. 


Spymaster at


The London Boat


Show 2014

One of the most visited stands at The London Boat Show, which was on at The Excel Centre earlier in January, was the Spymaster/Robstep stand. Apart from the incredible areas selling yachts most of the stands were selling yachting accessories such as rope, winches, sails, portholes, toilets. All bog standard stuff (if you'll excuse the horrible pun!).


The one notable exception was Spymaster/Robstep which a number of press articles declared to be one of the show highlights.

Everything was there that an aspiring James Bond could have wished for. Ranging from the Volantis "Junior" hovercraft, through to the one man mini-sub scooter, of course the Robstep Personal Transporters and the incredible Orcasub with a starting price of $1.8 million.


The press had a field day and the company's Press Day was attended by a myriad of trade press all of whom were super-impressed by range of exceptional and exciting products.


The Robstep Personal Transporter was a particular hit and everyone felt that it was ideal for yachts, being waterproof and one third of the weight of a Segway. That and being half of the price of the Segway made it particularly appealing.


One interesting point was that there was a lot of interest in the mini-sub scooter. It was surprising to hear from a number of disabled visitors who attended the show that they had previously been keen divers and they were excited by the fact that, despite their disabilities, the Mini-subs would allow them to continue with their diving.


The company is delighted with the warm reception they received and the excitement generated by their products.


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