Spymaster - London's Leading Spy Shop
Spymaster - London's Leading Spy Shop

Spymaster had a very successful boat show earlier in the year where we were demonstrating the Robstep M1 Personal Transporter, our range of child and adult hovercraft's and the Orca Submarine. The Orca Submarine is a whole new concept in underwater transportation that operates like a jet plane under the water, which means that it can turn, bank, ascend and decend just like a fish without the need for time consuming inflation and deflation of ballast. As well as that they can dive to anything from 600m to 2000m, depending on the model. Below is a video of one of our Directors being interviewed for www.implausibleblog.com who are a very cool social media visual experience channel.





The sale of trackers at Spymaster has increased dramatically over the last 12 months. It’s even taken us by surprise. Why is this?


Well to start with tracking devices have become much more accessible to ordinary members of the public. The number of different trackers available has increased. There are now personal trackers, car trackers, heavy duty asset trackers (For heavy machinery) and extended life high capacity trackers. Another issue is price. The prices have come down drastically.


We are often asked why our trackers are a bit higher in price than some of our competitors. There is a simple reason for that. Our competitors sell trackers with 100 positions built in. After that you have to pay extra to acquire more capacity. All of our trackers come with 12 months of unlimited positions included. This gives you constant contact over 12 months in 122 different countries and with NO ROAMING CHARGES.

Now let’s look at the products themselves. Our CAT IV (Product code CATIV) is a personal tracker with built in “panic” alert. If the user is ever in trouble he simply hits the “Panic” button and everyone monitoring him will know where he/she is and that they need assistance. This is pretty reassuring and at a price of £416.66 (Plus VAT within the EU) this is a reasonable price to pay for the peace of mind that this item brings you, and your family. This item is particularly favoured by the families of youngsters go on Gap Year trips to Lord knows where!


Then we have the Covert Asset Tracker 5 (Product code CATV). This unit comes with an exceptionally strong magnet that you can just place under the bumper of any vehicle. This unit is often used by owners of fleet vehicles to check on their whereabouts and, dare I say it, parents to check on the whereabouts of their teenage children. At £500.00 (Plus VAT within the EU) this again can save companies thousands of pounds, and parent’s masses of anxiety.


The heavy duty big brother is our Covert Asset Tracker VI (Product code CATVI) with 2 hugely powerful magnets this is a unit that you will never lose. Generally used by companies to track their heavy equipment and machinery throughout the world.

All of these devices enable you to monitor, and instruct, the tracker from your mobile phone and computer. Not only will you receive real-time positions but you can also get a “Snail trail” showing you where the tracker has been. You can set up a Geometric fence from your phone, and adjust the number of “Positions” sent to you, check on the battery life, put the tracker to “Sleep” and carry out virtually every function necessary to keep you in full control of your unit.


For all of these reasons trackers are becoming mainstream products not only in the commercial world but the domestic world as well.


Mother Under Cover…


When Mother TV contacted us they wanted to know ALL about the surveillance world and how to become a SPY.  To see the full article please click on the link below.


Mother Television Spy Edition

Ballistic Helmet




The Showman’s Show was held last week at the Newbury Showground where huge numbers of suppliers of facilities to shows, sports and music events gathered to present their wares. 

There was no doubt that the busiest and most popular stand at the show was the Spymaster stand where we were demonstrating the Robin M1. 





The BBC's Cne Show presents a fascinating look at the history of the spy gadget. Looking back in time to the early 20th century through the wars when technology took more of a backseat to cunning methods of deception and disguise.  This feature is a great snapshot of cutting edge intelligence gathering technology and how it has evolved.  Of course, counter surveillance experts Spymaster were invited to take part in demonstrating a few modern day items.  Watch it below...


During the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV1 in early November, a number of Spymaster gadgets were featured as the show reviewed 50 years of James Bond.  As well as showing an array of slick suits and how to mix the perfect Martini, Alan was aided by Gadget Show host Otis Deley as they demonstrated a number of surveillance products from the Spymaster spy shop in London.  See how they got on by watching the short clip below.

Edward Snowden: Hide and Seek

CNN visted us here in London to talk about Vehicle Tracking Systems, Personal Tracking Systems and how thses can be detected...


With all the recent excitement around the 23rd James Bond movie, there has been a lot of interest in surveillance and counter surveillance equipment.  The media have been getting in touch with us constantly to look at the latest equipment that no 007 would be without.  Here, we have shown the internationally renowned IBT a number of exciting items that we supply.


These fantastic leather jackets are bullet-proof to level 111A and offer protection against all calibres up to a .44 Magnum. As you can see they are brilliantly disguised. 

Financial Times - How To Spend It

Journalist Jonathan Margolis pays an under cover visit to the Spymaster spy store to review some "Devious Devices" on behalf of the Financial Times' How to Spend It Section.  Our resident Bond Girl, Julia, demonstrates a number of key items including covert cameras, listening devices and voice changers. Press play on the image below to watch what Jonathan got up to.

CBC Canada Reports on "Spy Rock"

The bizarre case of the Spy Rock discovered by the Russians as it passed information to under-cover UK agents as they passed in the night.  Find out what the ex-prime minister, Tony Blair, and Spymasters Managing Director, Lee Marks, make of this odd story.

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CIA exhibition in connection with Spymaster's Bond-worthy gadegts. 

Amazing number of customers buying TRACKERS! Find out why...


Spymaster had a very successful stand at this years Boat Show at Excel. Check out one of our Directors being interviewed about our amazing land and sea products!


Check out Mother Under Cover…

When Mother TV contacted us they wanted to know ALL about the surveillance world and how to become a SPY.



The BBC's One Show broadcast a fascinating look back in time. See what equipment old fashioned spies used...

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