Spymaster - London's Leading Spy Shop
Spymaster - London's Leading Spy Shop


Spymaster stores stock a large range of surveillance, counter-surveillance and personal protection equipment - much of it ready to take away.  A selection of the key categories is listed below, with more images in our Product Gallery, however, due to the nature of our products, we do not list specific items within our website.


Should you want to discuss your specific requirements, then please call our expert team at the Portman Square store who will be happy to assist you.

Bugging Devices Spy Cameras Bulletproof vests bug detectors Click image to view selection of our products


Anti Terrorism


Audio Surveillance


Body Armour


Military Handbooks


Bugging Devices


Camo Safes


Cellular Jammers


Computer Monitoring


Video Surveillance


Covert Cameras


Body Cameras


Drug Tests


GSM Spy Phones


GSM Listening




Home Security


Military Watches


Night Vision


NBC Protection


Personal Alarms


Police Equipment


Radar Detection


Remote Recording


Phone Recording






Vehicle Tracking


View a selection of products in our Product Gallery

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Press Body Armour

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E-BOARD - Approved for sale in the EU
The E-Collection from Spymaster
Panic Room
See our News Section for more details Dronestagram - Dronies - Drones

CIA exhibition in connection with Spymaster's Bond-worthy gadegts. 

Amazing number of customers buying TRACKERS! Find out why...


Spymaster had a very successful stand at this years Boat Show at Excel. Check out one of our Directors being interviewed about our amazing land and sea products!


Check out Mother Under Cover…

When Mother TV contacted us they wanted to know ALL about the surveillance world and how to become a SPY.



The BBC's One Show broadcast a fascinating look back in time. See what equipment old fashioned spies used...

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