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Product Details - Part 1

Below is information about a selection of our vast range of leading edge surveillance and counter-surveillance products. Please contact us if you have any further questions.


13 Amp Recording Plug Adaptor - voice activated. 13 Amp Recording Plug Adaptor

This 13 Amp UK plug adaptor not only works as a normal adaptor but has the added feature of being able to record sounds up to 5 metres away.  The recording is voice activated and will shut off when the talking stops.  The adaptor records onto a standard Micro SD card and, depending on the amount of memory on the card it will record between 37 (with 2GB card) and 575 hours of conversations (with a 32GB Card).


Alternative versions available - please contact us for more information.

The Slim Tracker is a device designed for small spaces. It can be tracked live with 5 second intervals in over 200 countries.

It is water tight and the rubber covering the insides is strong and durable enabling it to be placed in various environments. It can be hidden in bags, jackets, coats, etc.

It uses a very good wide GSM antenna giving the device a better chance of getting a GPRS signal even in areas where the network is not very strong.

It carries three variations of batteries 800mAH, 1000mAH and 1500mAH. All three are easily charged up on the supplied charging mat and lasts up to a few months when set on Stealth mode and depending on the interval they are set to. 

Digital 1152 hour recorder 1152 Hour Recorder

This Digital 1152 Hour Recorder will make high quality recordings with the touch of a single button.  The recordings are in digital format and can be listened back to on the built-in speaker or on your computer by plugging the digital recorder into your computer using the supplied USB cable.  Recording can be in three quality modes to increase the record time available, there is also and option for voice activation too.  There is the ability to connect and earphone, a microphone or a telephone recorder so that you can record your telephone conversations.


These discreet video reading glasses are available in this new unisex design incorporating High Definition 720p video and audio camera and recorder. The glasses are supplied with a 4GB micro SD card and can take up to 32GB micro SD card.

They will provide 60 minutes of continuous recording once fully charged.


The pinhole camera is at the centre of the bridge and records high quality videos with clear audio recordings that can be downloaded on to a computer or laptop to view. The glasses are charged, and recordings and videos are downloaded via the supplied micro USB cable.


It is simple to use by clicking one simple disguised button that switches these glasses from standby to record. Perfect for mystery shoppers, meetings, documenting, office harassment, or just to record one of those memorable moments.






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