From GSM listening devices, to wifi security cameras, from thermal imaging to image intensifying night vision, at Spymaster, we have spent almost 30 years building our relationship with the very best in their respective fields to allow us to offer our clients the very best equipment to best suit their purpose, whether it is NATO approved counter surveillance equipment, even a one person submarine, we can help supply you the very best. Through our Parent Company TAG (The Armored Group LLC) we are proud to be able to offer state of the art armoured vehicles from one of our 3 factories around the world for quick deployment in urgent situations.

View our product range below. We also offer a bespoke service should your requirement not be able to be met by something "off the shelf".

Audio Surveillance

Product Description

We offer a wide range of discreet voice recorders for covert recording. The highest quality digital recorders powered from a rechargeable battery or mains, the recorder can be disguised as a pen, credit card or a 13amp Adaptor for…

Video Surveillance

Product Description

If you require both video and audio, we have a large selection of cameras for under cover filming. Many of our customers use our body-worn cameras for mystery shopping, insurance fraud cases, investigative journalism, private investigation etc. High quality pinhole…

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Product Description

If you need to track a vehicle, person or item then we have a selection of Trackers which will work for you. Our magnetic trackers are perfect for quick deployment underneath a vehicle. Just download an App or log-in to…

Night Vision

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We offer both Image Intensifiers (1st, 2nd and 2nd +) and Digital Night Vision Units to suit all environments. You can choose from a small pocket-sized hand-held unit, perfect for a safari, boats, poachers or watching animals at night. All units…

Counter - Surveillance

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Many of our customers need to secure their home or office before conversations, meetings or negotiations take place. We have a range of detectors ranging from low level threat to high level. The detectors are extremely intuitive and…

Body Armour

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For many years we have supplied body armour to teams and individuals travelling to, or working in potentially dangerous areas or situations. We stock a wide range of personal body-armour, offering different levels of protection from anti-stab to bullet-proof level IIIA…


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Where else in London can you walk in and purchase a Submarine?! The One Man Sub is simple to operate, the rider sits astride the seat just like on a regular scooter and places their head into the aerated observation bubble.…