Audio Surveillance

Product Description

We offer a wide range of discreet voice recorders for covert recording.

The highest quality digital recorders powered from a rechargeable battery or mains, the recorder can be disguised as a pen, credit card or a 13amp Adaptor for office or home use. We also stock in-car recorders and mobile phone recorders.

If live listening is a better option our GSM transmitters will work worldwide with any telephone network. Our GSM transmitters are UK made. The microphone and GSM module which now supports 3G capability due to the impending global 2G shutdown, are powerful and reliable. The microphone will give up to 5 metres in range so just place the unit in an office, home or car and simply by making a call you will be able to listen to the target conversation from anywhere in the world. We offer both battery powered and mains options as well as the option of a bespoke service.