Video Surveillance

Product Description

If you require both video and audio, we have a large selection of cameras for under cover filming.

Many of our customers use our body-worn cameras for mystery shopping, insurance fraud cases, investigative journalism, private investigation etc. High quality pinhole cameras will offer covert filming disguised in buttons, glasses a key fob or even a coffee cup!

Filming in a home or office is possible with cameras fitted with a memory card or by using WiFi for remote viewing. We have a range of cameras disguised as iPhone or Android Charging Docks, plugs, Bluetooth speaker and more or we can make a bespoke camera for you fitted into an item of your choice.

The WiFi Cameras are very simple to use. Just download an App on your phone and link the WiFi in your property with your chosen camera and you will be able to see, hear and record remotely. The beauty of using WiFi is that you can be alerted as and when motion is detected. A photo of the person that has triggered the camera can even be sent to your phone. This can be very important for evidence or for security reasons.