Body Armour

Product Description

For many years we have supplied body armour to teams and individuals travelling to, or working in potentially dangerous areas or situations.

We stock a wide range of personal body-armour, offering different levels of protection from anti-stab to bullet-proof level IIIA (up to .44 Magnum), & Level III and Level IV plates (both lightweight and ceramic).

Our covert vests can be worn underneath regular clothing or we have jackets and gilets which can be worn over the top of your clothes.

We also stock Level III+ In-Car Bullet-Proof Shields which offers immediate protection for any vehicle. Not only will the shield protect the person travelling in the car but it also becomes a personal shield in emergency situations.

For something more covert we have a selection of bullet-proof cases, both soft and hard briefcases which become a body shield when opened.

Through our Parent Company TAG (The Armored Group LLC) we can offer state-of-the-art armoured vehicles from one of our three factories around the world.